Keith Hammett Sweet Peas

Over the years, I've grown dozens and dozens and still more varieties or cultivars of sweet peas. The delightful selection of colors, textures and fragrance allows me to discover favorite after favorite and certainly makes growing sweet peas a hobby that never tires. But have you ever wondered where all these different cultivars come from? New sweet pea cultivars don't just happen by accident! There are are a group of people who make this happen by careful breeding. Dr. Keith Hammett is one such person. And apart from being an amazing plant breeder, he also has a wonderfully manicured mustache - check out the video:)

Keith Hammett is a New Zealand based plant breeder who is best known for his work on sweet peas, dahlias and clivias. The reverse bicolor sweet pea 'Erewhon' took him 30 years to develop. Erewhon has standard petal that are paler than the wing petals - sweet peas usually have standard and wing petals that are the same color.

Also developed by Keith Hammett are the color-changing or color-morphing sweet peas where the petals gradually change color as the flower ages.

Sweet Pea Bouquet

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