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Sweet Pea Books

My Five Favorite Sweet Pea Books

I've put together a selection of my very favorite books about sweet peas. Chosen for their informative content and pretty pictures, I think that any sweet pea grower and gardener will love to take a look through this selection of sweet pea book reviews. "The Sweet Pea Book" by Graham Rice An ...
How To Take Sweet Pea Cuttings

How to Take Sweet Pea Cuttings

Sweet pea cuttings can be taken from young sweet pea seedlings. If you only have a few plants of a variety and want more but have run out of seed, then it is relatively easy to take cuttings and get them to root and grow. You will need some young sweet pea seedlings, jar of water, sharp, clean...
The Best Gloves for Gardening

My Favorite Cold & Wet Weather Gardening Gloves

Autumn is a busy planting time for me and that usually means getting my hands in cold, wet soil. My hands get cold really quickly and it doesn't even have to be that cold for them to start going numb. That makes me miserable and stops me doing what I love doing the most - gardening. I really h...
The Most Fragrant Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas and Fragrance

One of the main reasons I grow sweet peas is for the fragrance. A little bouquet of these beauties really can 'perfume a room'! To some people, the fragrance is the most important aspect of the sweet pea, to others the color must be just right, but most are happy to have a sweet combination of...
5 Simple Steps for Sweet Pea success

5 Simple Steps for Sweet Pea Success

With autumn on its way, my fingers are itching to get seed starting! And what better to get growing than fragrant sweet peas. Autumn is the BEST time to start these enchanting hardy annuals in temperate climates like mine. Starting them early gives them plenty of time to go get growing undergr...
5 Tips for Autumn Gardening Success

5 Tips for Autumn Gardening Success

I always like to think of autumn as the beginning of the gardening year rather than the end of it and there are lots of jobs you can do now that will set you up for the growing season to come. If you need a bit of inspiration at this time of year, check out my 5 Tips for Autumn Gardening Succe...
Rows of Sweet Peas Grown for Seed

Sweet Pea Seed Harvest

Sweet pea season is coming to an end here and I am busily harvesting seed that will be ready for sale in the autumn.  This year I have grown over 50 varieties of sweet peas.  Many of them I have grown before and I feel as though I am greeting old friends as their blooms emerge along with their...
sweet pea seeds for sale

Where to Buy Sweet Pea Seeds

There are literally hundreds of different sweet pea cultivars to choose from which for me is what makes growing sweet peas such a delight. Each season I choose different varieties to grow but there are always some that become firm favorites and I look forward to welcoming them back each year. ...
Buds Dropping Off Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Buds Falling Off

It's so exciting to see buds emerging on your sweet peas! You check them regularly for progress looking forward to the flowers and then suddenly - nothing! All the buds are gone and all you can see is an empty stem. If this has happened to you, then read on.. Don't be too sad, because this is...
How to Divide Comfrey

How to Divide Comfrey

If you grow sweet peas or any flowers at all, then you should consider assigning a small patch of your garden to growing comfrey. The leaves of the plant can be rotted down to make a nutrient rich feed for your plants and flowers (more about that in another post)! If you don't have comfrey gro...

Sweet Pea Bouquet

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