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Sweet Pea Flower Frequently Asked Questions

Sweet Pea Flower FAQ

If I don't answer your questions about, sweet pea seeds, sweet pea flowers, or how to grow sweet peas, please fill out my contact form and let me know what your question is. What is the meaning of the sweet pea flower? In the language of flowers, the sweet pea has a meaning of delicat...
Color Shifting or Color Morphing Sweet Peas

Color Changing Sweet Peas

It's no secret that my all-time favorite flowers are sweet peas. There are literally hundreds (and maybe even thousands!) of different sweet pea varieties offering flowers in a huge spectrum of colors and shades. And while I couldn't pick a single favorite sweet pea variety, I have late...
Spring Sowing Sweet Peas

Planting Sweet Peas in Spring

As a gardener, there is nothing more wonderful than planting sweet peas and other flower seeds in winter. When there is not much going on in the garden itself and I have been spending days inside because of the cold wet weather, getting out my packets of sweet pea seeds and watching the...
Sweet Pea Seed Giveaway

Sweet Pea Seed Giveaway

In the run up to Thanksgiving, I'm busy germinating sweet pea seeds and getting the planting areas ready for them. I'm lucky that the mild climate here in northern California allows me to plant my sweet peas this late because I'm about a month behind schedule this year! Looking forward ...
Should You Soak Sweet Pea Seeds Before Planting?

Should You Soak Sweet Pea Seeds Before Planting?

If you've grown sweet pea seeds before you will probably have heard that you should soak your seeds. And... you've probably also heard that you should not soak your seeds. Soaking sweet pea seeds is supposed to soften the tough outer skin so that the seed can germinate more easily. BUT,...
Autumn or Fall Seed Starting Time

It's Autumn / Fall Seed Starting Time

As the days start to get noticeably shorter and autumn / fall is getting closer, it is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring garden. Hardy annuals are the group of plants I am referring to - they are tough and beautiful flowers that will start blooming early - and bloom f...
Growing Sweet Peas

How to Grow Sweet Peas From Seed

Growing Sweet Peas is relatively easy and will reward you with bouquet after bouquet of blooms to fill your house or give you a lovely 'wall' of color and scent if you grow them for garden decoration. Knowing when to plant sweet peas is important for success. Sweet peas will bloom profu...
Classification of Sweet Pea Types

Classification of Sweet Pea Types

Spencer Sweet Peas The classic sweet pea descended from the sport of Henry Eckford's Prima Donna which was named Countess Spencer. The Spencers have a wonderful color range, long stems, varying degrees of perfume and are the most highly prized by the exhibitor's of the flower. They usua...

Sweet Pea Bouquet

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