Our Story

Our Story

In the language of flowers, sweet peas have the meaning of delicate or blissful pleasure - they are a captivating flower that has enchanted our family.

Sweet Pea BouquetGrowing up in England, I took it for granted that I could walk outside and be surrounded by a green, lush landscape. Our house had a wonderful garden. My grandmother grew roses, geraniums, foxgloves and fuchsias and mowed her "Cumberland turf" lawn. And of course, she loved sweet peas. After moving to London, the first thing she did was to plant some outside her back door. She passed on her love of gardening to me and I have fond memories of helping her weed and even of planting potatoes in an old fish bowl so I could see them grow! I have her (now vintage) hoe which is a treasured possession.

My move to the United States meant living in southern California for a while and it was there that I truly started to treasure the English gardens that I no longer had access to! Moving to northern California brought the possibility of being able to garden with plants that I was more familiar with. My family and I moved to Sebastopol in 2009 and I started creating my very own English style garden then in 2021 we uprooted and moved to southwest Washington to start from scratch.

Sweet peas were a part of that and I started growing them to enjoy in the garden and as part of a "cutting patch". To be able to grow something that flowered so profusely and smelled so wonderful bowled me over. Each year I grew more and more until a corner of our garden was completely devoted to them. After the arrival of our second son, I decided that I would like to try to find work that would keep me at home and have spent the last few years honing my sweet pea growing skills.

Sweet Pea BouquetsIn 2018 we harvested our first batch of sweet pea seeds for sale and Sweet Pea Gardens came into being. We harvested literally thousands of seeds and I am so excited that you are thinking of growing them in your garden. In the language of flowers, sweet peas have the meaning of delicate or blissful pleasure - they are an enchanting flower that become a firm favorite of anyone who grows them.

No garden is complete without sweet peas. Sow as many sweet pea seeds as you can and you won't regret it! They will fill your life with a myriad of colors and sweet scent.

Sweet Pea Bouquet

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