My Favorite Cold & Wet Weather Gardening Gloves

The Best Gloves for Gardening

My Favorite Cold & Wet Weather Gardening Gloves

Autumn is a busy planting time for me and that usually means getting my hands in cold, wet soil. My hands get cold really quickly and it doesn't even have to be that cold for them to start going numb. That makes me miserable and stops me doing what I love doing the most - gardening.

I really had tried so many gloves to plant with and most of them weren't cheap either, but while some of them were great for doing tough jobs while it was warm and dry, nothing (NOTHING!) could keep my hands from freezing up in cold and especially cold and wet weather!

I write this post because finding these gloves really has been a life changer for me. Gardening in the rain is fine - just put on a waterproof jacket and pants and it can be more pleasant than working outside in the spring and summer sun. All apart from the effects the cold and wet would have on my hands - and if you are one of those people who get cold hands very quickly, then you will really appreciate a pair of gloves like this. Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write a review about these gloves - they are just so wonderful that I want to let as many people know about them as I can :)

The gloves I love are HydraHyde Cold Weather Coated Gloves in size Medium. Reasonably priced, these gloves lasted about a year before I replaced them (see the photo for a comparison between the year old pair and my new pair).

Pros of the HydraHyde Cold Weather Gloves

Fantastic grey coating that is water resistant and keeps my hands completely dry. The only time they started to leak was when the grey coating started to wear off. The orange part of the glove is not water resistant, so if you reach into water or wet stuff, just make sure that you only reach in with the grey area.

Long elasticated cuffs that gently grip my wrist both keeping the gloves securely in place and keeping the heat in.

Wonderful insulation that really, really keeps my hands warm, but not too warm. And the insulation isn't too thick so I could still move my fingers easily without restriction. The insulation extends all the in the glove from finger tips to the wrist.

Cons of the HydraHyde Cold Weather Gloves

Great for me because all I use them for is planting in wet and cold soil but they aren't great for things like pruning roses or putting up wire fences. These are things I tried and wish I hadn't because both those tasks were a little too wearing on the grey coating that makes these gloves so awesome in all other regards.

The size medium of the HydraHyde Cold Weather Coated Gloves works fine for me but if my hands were just a little smaller that would be too big and unfortunately these gloves aren't available in a size small.

Sometimes sold as 'men's gloves' but worked just fine for this lady!

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