Where to Buy Sweet Pea Seeds

sweet pea seeds for sale

Where to Buy Sweet Pea Seeds

There are literally hundreds of different sweet pea cultivars to choose from which for me is what makes growing sweet peas such a delight. Each season I choose different varieties to grow but there are always some that become firm favorites and I look forward to welcoming them back each year.

Success with sweet peas in part depends on buying quality seed from small growers who hand grow and harvest their seed meaning that you are more likely to get seed that is true to the cultivar you see on the photo and more likely to germinate into a healthy seedling

Here at Sweet Pea Gardens we sell hand grown and harvested sweet pea seeds, but only grow a few varieties each year. If you are seeking other cultivars that you may have heard about, or seen photos of, then I suggest trying out any of the growers below for good quality sweet pea seed for sale.

Sweet Pea Gardens

A small family run business that started as a hobby, Sweet Pea Gardens is based in northern California. All seed is produced in small batches. Sweet pea seeds for sale.

Owl's Acre Seed

A lovely collection of sweet pea seeds and other ornamental flowers and vegetables. Elizabeth is most helpful and will answer questions promptly via email. Based in the United Kingdom. Read more

Enchanting Sweet Peas

Glenys has been growing sweet peas for over 20 years. She started out selling the blooms as a cut flower, but soon after began the art of seed production. Glenys offers a helpline, so you can call in and talk to a sweet pea expert should you run into any problems. Enchanting Sweet Peas is based in California, USA. Read more

Roger Parsons Sweet Peas

Roger Parsons holds the National Collection for sweet peas in the United Kingdom and sells his seed online. He has a truly staggering array of sweet pea seed available, and if you can't the particular variety you want on his website, then email him and he will probably be able to get hold of it for you. Based in the United Kingdom. Read more

Keith Hammett Sweet Peas

Keith Hammett is a wonderful plant breeder based in New Zealand. He breeds sweet peas as well as other ornamental such as dahlias and amaryllis. Many of the sweet peas on offer have been bred by him. Read more

Cecilia Wingard

You really have to check out Cecilia's website for some lovely photos of the sweet peas that she grows, plus she also sells the seed through her website to customers in Sweden. Read more

Sweet Pea Bouquet

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